What is a Download Manager??

A download manager is a program that is designed for downloading or uploading files to the computer and server respectively. It is a standalone application that can be installed on a PC or a laptop. Though most of the web browsers like chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. have download manager is integrated within the browser itself, however they do not have so much flexibility and functionality as compared to these standalone download managers like Internet Download Manager,however it is a paid software and needs Serial Number IDM to activate it. These download managers have features like they can accelerate the downloading speeds, stop and resume broken downloads, schedule the downloads as per your liking.

Some of them have features like you can grab videos/audio from sites like YouTube.com, Dailymotion.com etc. They also have a feature through which you can grab content from any website and put various downloads in a queue so that most important files can be prioritize over the others. In case of any power failure the downloads can be resumed later on which was not possible earlier. Some of the download managers are freely available on the Internet and some can be purchased by paying a one-time payment. Download managers can be integrated with any browser that is available today by installing a plug-in on the browser. A Download manager like Internet download manager can accelerate download speeds five times than the normal downloading speeds. This is very beneficial for the people who don’t have any access to a very fast Internet connection.

A download manager achieves accelerated downloading speeds by splitting a single file into many segments and using several connections for downloading the segments from a server. This is done in order to overcome the limitation that is posed by server side in terms of the bandwidth that can be allotted per connection. However in many cases servers implement limitations or the number of simultaneous connections created in order to nullify this effect.

Some commonly used download managers by tech savy people are free download manager, Internet Download Manager, Download Accelerator Plus, Jdownloader, Orbit downloader, FlashGet, download Ninja, Internet download accelerator, Microsoft download manager etc. Besides these applications there are other to breach of download manager is that use peer to peer protocols like Bit Torrent, eMule uTorrent etc. these download manager is come in handy when you have to download very large files like movie file etc. The same file is shared by many users over the Peer–To –Peer Connection Protocol and can be stopped and resumed any time. Some of the software companies like Adobe, Microsoft etc. provide their own download managers on their site for managing and downloading the software. This in turn increases the reliability and slashes down the cost that is incurred over technical support. This also gives them complete control over the dismissal of the software.